The Maryland oyster gear areas shown in this application are for guidance only. For the legal boundaries, please consult Maryland statute and the Annotated Code of Maryland (COMAR 08.02).

The spatial data, and the information therein (collectively the "data") is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, either expressed, or statutory. The Annotated Code of Maryland Natural Resources Article and COMAR regulations contain the legal descriptions. Consult them before making any decisions.

In addition, near-shore areas (shallow waters up to approximately 200 feet from shore) may appear as approved on the map because of inadequate resolution. These waters may be unmonitored and therefore unclassified as well as unsuitable for harvesting until they are monitored and classified as restricted, conditionally approved, or approved. Interested persons should contact MDE to determine the classification of all near-shore waters.

It is a shellfish harvester’s responsibility to be aware of the locations of these gear lines. Violations of shellfish laws may result in criminal conviction, fine and/or a suspension or revocation of your tidal fish license by a Court or the Department of Natural Resources. Harvesting oysters with a gear prohibited in an area is illegal and may result in immediate oyster authorization revocation proceedings under Natural Resources Article, Section 4-1210, Annotated Code of Maryland. Thank you for your cooperation.

I agree to the terms and conditions described above

The layers on this map were generated based on regulations found in the Code of Maryland Regulations, and in statute.

Gear Layers:
Hand Tong: Catching oysters with Hand Tongs is allowed in all harvestable waters except Power Dredge Study Areas ( Click here for the full text about Hand Tongs

Power Dredge Patent Tong Yawl Boat Sail Dredge Diving Area COMAR:
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Other restrictions may apply, such as privately held oyster leases. A map of active leases may be found here.

Additional areas may be closed, for more information see Public Notices, Shellfish
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To report any misplaced buoys, contact the Maryland Natural Resources Police 24-hour hotline at 800.635.6124.

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